Cajeput Essential Oil

aka Cajuput Essential Oil, Vietnamese Cajeput Essential Oil, Melaleuca Leucadendron Cajuputi Leaf Oil, Melaleuca Cajuputi Leaf Oil, Weeping Paperbark Essential Oil


Cajuput essential oil is a volatile oil obtained by distillation from the leaves of the myrtaceous trees Melaleuca leucadendra, Melaleuca cajuputi, and probably other Melaleuca species. The trees yielding the oil are found throughout Vietnam and over the hotter parts of Southeast Asia.

It is produced by steam distillation of fresh leaves of the cajeput tree (Melaleuca leucadendra). Cajeput oil is used in food and as a medicine. People use cajeput oil for colds and congestion, headaches, toothache, skin infections, pain, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.


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Product Details

Color: Pale yellow

Specific gravity (20ºC): 0.910 to 0.985

Optical rotation (20ºC): -6° to +2º

Refractive index (20ºC): 1.500 to 1.525

Main component: Methyl chavicol: 70 to 90%, 1-8-cineole: 1 to 5%, linalool: 0.5 to 3%


  • Food use:
    Its strong liquorice aroma makes it ideal for many different cooking preparations. When it comes to cooking in its native land of China and Vietnam it is part of five important spices which are widely used for cooking traditional Chinese food especially meat. While in the west Star Anise is used in food products such as fruit compotes, jams and other baking products.
  • Cosmetic use:
    Being high fragrant oil, Star Anise Oil one of the key ingredients in perfumery, toothpastes, soaps, skin creams and mouthwashes. 
    Blends With: Lavender, Pine, Orange, Rosewood, Clove, Cinnamon
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Botanical Name: Melaleuca leucadendron

Origin: Hue – Quang Binh – Long An, Vietnam

Extraction Method: Steam Distilled

Appearance: Clear, Mobile Liquid

Expected Output: 20 tons per year